Quality guarantees in the Magyar Telekom Group

Magyar Telekom Group by successful certification in November 2012 renewed/obtained the certificates, issued by SGS  (Société Générale de Surveillance SA), the world’s largest independent quality controlling and certification body, for its enlarged, integrated (quality, environmental, information security  and occupational health and safety) management system (complying with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and OHSAS 18001Standards).

Magyar Telekom further developing its quality management system, which both at Group-level as well as at company- level has been operating successfully since 2002, has implemented an integrated quality, environmental and information security system, the certification of which was completed in November 2008.  It has been further enlarged in November 2012 with the OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety management system certification. So, by now, Magyar Telekom - uniquely in the telecommunications sector - is operating a four-pillar Integrated Management System.

The Company has repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to the principle of sustainable development and within it to  the environmental issues. Further information on the sustainability activities is available at the following link: www.telekom.hu/society_and_environment 

Magyar Telekom Group, as market leader info-communication provider and system integrator takes care of the security of the company group and focuses on the protection of the information with a comprehensive approach. This includes the customer, business and personal information stored and managed on the traditional and electronic media, (data carriers) as well as the protection of the related information processing devices.

Compliance with the quality standards and meeting the quality requirements are extremely important for the company group. The T-brand is united with quality, the provisioning of comprehensive and high-quality services and it is proven with a number of awards and recognitions (e.g.: IISA SHIBA Award; Recognition for Excellence in Europe; Hungarian Quality Award; European Quality Award).

We were the first telecommunications company in 2001, to have compliance with relevant laws, our own Code of Practice and applicable authority regulations audited by a certification body assigned by the Minister of IT and Communications, MATRIX Kft. In 2012 to comply with the provisions set forth in Authority Decree No. 13/2011. (XII. 27.) NMHH on the requirements for the quality of electronic communications services related to protection of consumers and the authenticity of billing we have a certificate of surveillance of our quality management systems to prove Magyar Telekom’s compliance with required service quality parameters, authenticity, accuracy and closedness of its billing system, compliance with laws for protection of consumers adopted by authorities.