T-Home TV resale

Magyar Telekom (MT) introduces on July 1 the resale IPTV solution that enables Partner Providers using Magyar Telekom’s Wholesale Fast Access service (WS ADSL) to sell T-Home TV with their internet service.

The service:

  • can be used only with wholesale ADSL service above MT PSTN.
  • The IPTV service is sold by the Service Provider.
  • The customer (end-user) concludes a contract for IPTV service directly with MT.
  • Magyar Telekom will send bills on the service.
  • Internet traffic is terminated at the Partner Provider, IPTV is terminated at MT.
  • The solution is offered under the brand name T-Home TV.
  • Cannot be different than the T-Home TV reduced-price and program packages offered to Magyar Telekom’s ADSL customers.
  • Magyar Telekom is responsible for customer care service and IPTV fault repair tasks.
  • In respect of the internet the service transfer point remains the customer-side part of the splitter (UR2 interface).
  • HGW is owned and managed by MT.
  • The service is provided only with operational ADSL connection. When ADSL + T-Home TV is ordered from the Partner Provider first the ADSL must be provisioned, then the Partner Provider can order the T-Home TV service.
  • The Partner Provider may not use the capability of providing VoIP service integrated into HGW.
  • The Partner Providers may sell T-Home service exclusively in the areas where Magyar Telekom offers retail services.