Best workplace

Telekom is the best place to perform and grow!

“Successful business is not made by extraordinary people, but ordinary people capable of extraordinary things!"

  • The team: Extraordinary people, special skills, high-tech solutions, deployment everyday.
    We empower every team member to work independently and expect them to accept responsibility for their work products.
  • The mission: To be the best as a team.
    Telekom’s success is our joint success, which we can be proud of, which motivates us to pursue further challenges, and respect each other.
  • The place: Telekom
    By means of our innovative HR solutions, we offer equal opportunity to everyone, and provide fringe benefits, the value of which is unique in Hungarian comparison, in any stages of employees’ lives.

The question: Are you ready?

Respond to our job advertisements, register with our databank or apply for admission to our Internship Program ! One of the job requirements for our existing positions is fluency in Hungarian, thus our current offers are available only in Hungarian.


Best Workplace

Magyar Telekom wins Best Workplace Award


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Magyar Telekom wins Healthy Workplace Award


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