Telekom Internship Program

Where you can be a star!

Our goal is to enrich the already very professional Telekom personnel by adding fresh talent, as well as to get to know the first, second, third-year students and new graduates.
We would like to offer the opportunity to the best of the students to complete their mandatory internship with Hungary’s leading telecommunication provider, to expand their academic knowledge and practical skills, as well as to start their careers.
The success of the Telekom Internship Program, which is launched in each semester, is proven by the fact that more than 1000 students applied for admission to the program having started on February 1, 2010.
We firmly believe that Telekom is really the best place for them to perform and grow!

Admission requirements:

  • Active student status
  • Fluent Hungarian and English

Further details are available at the program’s Hungarian site.


Best Workplace

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