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Magenta1 arrived: the very best of the communication and entertainment Telekom offers, within a single package

Budapest, August 24, 2015 11:00

  • Unique integrated offer in the Hungarian residential telecommunication market
  • Customers choosing Magenta1 receive all major telecommunication services from a single provider, bundled with even better conditions.
  • Something extra for TV fans: any volume can be used for watching TV even on mobile terminals, without additional data usage costs!

Under the Magenta1 name, Telekom introduced a special residential offer enabling customers to use the telecommunication and entertaining services of the operator both at home and on mobile within a single package, with favorable conditions. The choice for families becomes simpler now as Magenta1 includes the very best 1 of Telekom’s services , available bundled with even better conditions. In addition to the tariff packages for home one should opt for an – even existing – post paid mobile subscription, including a data tariff plan with no over quota charges. With the Magenta1 packages the TV GO service is also available free of charge, enabling subscribers to the package to watch TV unlimited in Hungary, either on the web or on the road using smart devices (in case of proper internet connection), moreover users of the highest speed home internet package can also enjoy the Moziklub (MovieClub) service unlimited within Hungary. In case of mobile subscriptions included in the Magenta1 favorable package, accessing TV GO does not consume the data volume included in the subscriptions.

As yet another advantage of the package of favorable conditions, any domestic fixed line or mobile number – charged the normal tariff – can be called with 0 HUF minute charge from the fixed line telephone up to HUF 5,000 – while the optionally chosen mobile tariff plan can include even unlimited domestic talk time. Using the Magenta 1 package of favorable terms requires no loyalty, however the most favorable price included in the package is only available with Telekom discount and upon signing a 2 years contract, for a definite period. The Magenta1 terminal offer provides a discount of HUF 20,000 in case a TV set and a smartphone of the same manufacturer are purchased together.

Not only residential customers can enjoy the advantages of the scheme, as the home TV, internet and telephone services of the Magenta1 offer are also available for enterprises with Next Business mobile subscription. This combination may be a relevant offer primarily for micro and small enterprises, operating in an office at home.

„We are convinced that we have the best answer meeting the demands of our customers, as the offer unifies the true advantages of the most advanced networks and complex services. Introducing Magenta1 is an important milestone within the market of integrated telecommunication services, and at the same time a further step towards the world of unlimited communication and entertainment“ – said Christopher Mattheisen, CEO of Magyar Telekom.

The Magenta1 integrated discount package offer is already available for Telekom customers in several countries of the Deutsche Telekom Group, including Hungary as well as Germany, Slovakia and Romania.

Conditions of using the Magenta1 package of discounted terms:

Tariff packages required for using the Magenta1 favorable terms: one television subscription (IPTV or interactive Sat TV) with Family+HD TV tariff package, a selectable internet package for home – depending on technical possibilities available to the provider at the site of installation: Netmánia S, M, L or XXL (in case of the latter, the monthly fee of the TV service also includes Moziklub service), a Hoppá Plusz telephone tariff package, as well as a new or existing , freely selectable residential, post-paid (or MIX 2 type) mobile telephone subscription, also including data volume (e.g. Next or Music tariff packages).

The monthly fee of the Magenta1discounted terms package with IPTV Familyi+HD TV subscription, 30 Mbit/s home internet package, Hoppá Plusz telephone tariff package for home and for example a PartnerCard Next S mobile telephone subscription with 500 MB included data volume, with e-pack-, two years loyalty-, Magenta1 – as well as Telekom discount only amounts to HUF 14,990.

The condition to using the Magenta1 discount terms is that home and mobile services are registered under one subscriber name, while home services are listed under one address. One subscriber at one time is only entitled to one discount, and one subscription simultaneously can not be included in several Magenta1 discount packages. The discount package is only available upon the subscriber registering in the Telekom Connection Program as an identical customer, with regards to the mobile service and the service for home. Connection points can be collected bundled based on mobile and home services, which can also be redeemed for terminals and accessories.
Registration of individual services in the Telekom Account is recommended, where invoices can be paid simply and electronically, from one page.

Further conditions to the Magenta1 discounted conditions tariff package:

1) Available at the residential address of the subscriber.
2) The Mix subscription merges advantages of the post-paid and Domino prepaid services.