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Small businesses are looking for a flexible and transparent it solution

Budapest, September 1, 2016 12:00

Small and medium-sized enterprises in Hungary wish for reliable and flexible solutions that can be put to as good use as possible, yet at the same time, most small companies’ spending on information technology, which is indispensable for modern communication, is still little at this time.

The latest research by Telekom reveals that businesses are primarily seeking clearly understandable tariffs and easy-to-use solutions once they decide to use a new info-communications service. SMEs are primarily open towards new solutions if their quality and level of services can provide a tangible advantage for their business. Telekom’s experiences have shown that SMEs also have customer-friendliness or customer focus related needs against their service provider, which can include, for instance, clear and simple tariffs, plain language used for fee item names, and that there should not be any hidden costs. Ease of use and cost cutting are also important in the case of new solutions; and if the services in question are bundled — i.e. integrated — then flexibility, meaning the variability of various elements, good value for money, and of course, any offered discounts are also of critical significance.

The vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises in Hungary use some kind of communication and information technology device in the course of their work, yet their spending or spending capacity for the latter is still restricted. According to Magyar Telekom’s experiences, your average SMEs are also unusually price conscious in this regard, spending some 1 per cent of their sales revenue on IT. Close to one third of enterprises do not spend on an IT specialist at all — unless they are forced to — and instead task one of their employees with catering to jobs in this domain, while a smaller part has friends or perhaps family members helping out with maintaining IT. In contrast, the ratio of medium-sized firms which engage an IT services provider for their information technology tasks comes to around 20%.

Despite the prudence exercised by small enterprises regarding their IT and telecommunications spending, they are well aware of the benefits that advanced IT systems afford: almost 50 per cent are willing to admit that a good information technology background can serve to help acquire new customers, keep abreast of technological advances, boost cost-efficiency, and also improve competitiveness, and over 15 per cent of Hungarian enterprises already use some sort of modern, pay as you go cloud-based IT solution.

“Magyar Telekom has also leveraged its latest experiences associated with small and medium-sized enterprises for developing its Magenta   1  Business service package,” said Péter Lakatos, Magyar Telekom’s Chief Commercial Officer for Small and Medium-sized Business Services. He added that — in addition to being very favourable in terms of value for money — a high degree of flexibility, i.e. variability, is one of the plan’s key advantages, along with how its transparent services can simplify businesses’ day-to-day chores.

A package based service can be a favourable alternative

Magyar Telekom has launched its offer under the name Magenta 1 Business, which makes it possible to use the operator’s mobile and fixed-line services, as well as its IT solutions with more advantageous terms and conditions. The offer includes all info-communications services that are indispensable for companies for hassle-free business operations (mobile phone, mobile internet, fixed-line internet, fixed-line telephone, along with IT solutions). The bundled discounts represent numerous advantages for subscribers, since entrepreneurs can use the telecommunications and IT services necessary for business activities from a single provider, all subject to an affordable monthly fee that includes every one of the mentioned services. Magenta 1 Business subscribers receive dedicated customer services at the customer service hotline for businesses, and also have the option of taking care of matters more conveniently using the online chat feature. For the sake of being able to assemble the discount bundle in an optimal manner, customers have the option to not only request new service elements, but also — in the majority of cases — include the tried and tested services they have become accustomed to in this new offering. The IT solution makes it possible to access an anti-virus service that guarantees protection for data, along with the Office 365 Enterprise Basic version, which offers licensed software and B2B correspondence features.

Find out about the details of services that can be included in Magenta 1 Business, along with the terms and conditions of their use, here: