Magyar Telekom Cable Space Leasing Service

General description of the Cable Space Leasing Service

Magyar Telekom’s Cable Space Leasing service provides possibility for carriers in Hungary to install their cables in Magyar Telekom’s infrastructure, ducts and on its poles.

Use of the Cable Space Leasing Service

Establishment of an own cable network is expensive and time consuming without having an infrastructure (ducts or poles), on Magyar Telekom’s existing infrastructure.

Process of using the Cable Space Leasing Service

  • Magyar Telekom examines the demand that includes the precise address (destinations) and if there is cable space capacity to be leased, conclusion of a preliminary contract follows after the precise terms and conditions of the leasing have been made known;
  • Preparation and approval of the implementation contract;
  • Implementation, delivery-acceptance
  • Conclusion of the final leasing agreement
Summary table of duct cable space rates
Net duct cable space rates (HUF plus VAT /km / month)
Tariff zone 1 87 400
Tariff zone 2 38 400

Tariff zone 1: all Magyar Telekom primary settlements
Tariff zone 2: all other settlements that do not fall within Tariff zone 1

Pole cable space rates:

  • If the quantity used inside a settlement is less than 10, the leasing rate is:
    HUF 545 plus VAT/pole/month
  • If the quantity used inside a settlement is 10 or more, the leasing rates are:
    • for the pole(s) that are used for telecommunications purposes in part only: HUF 436 + VAT/pole/month
    • for poles out of use: HUF 524 + VAT/pole/month