Interconnection services

The network interconnection products defined in the current regulations are provided to our partners with the conditions defined in the regulations. Magyar Telekom offers in its Magyar Telekom Reference Interconnect Offer (MARIO) the scope of services defined by law to other service providers having electronic communications network for the purpose of network interconnection.
Magyar Telekom Reference Interconnect Offer includes all technical and financial conditions with which interconnection can be established between a service provider requesting this service and Magyar Telekom. Interconnection of electronic communications network enables the establishment of voice connection and data transmission connection on the voice band with the use of the subscriber telephone services of Magyar Telekom and the interconnection partner.

Major IC products

  • Call termination, call origination
    With the call termination service that call originated in the User’s network – received at an interconnection point in a basic zone of the Service Provider – is transported by the Service Provider to a subscriber access point in its network.
    With the call origination service the Service Provider transports the call – through carrier selection from a subscriber access point in its network – originated through selection by the User to an interconnection point.
  • Carrier preselection
    With the carrier preselection service the subscriber can select, when making a local, national (including mobile) or international call, a service provider (User) other than the default service provider for carrying his call. After setting the service the User will be the default carrier for the subscriber.
  • Geographical and non-geographical number porting
    With the geographical and non-geographical number porting service the service provider enables its subscriber to keep his subscriber number in the case when the subscriber changes service provider without changing the geographical location where the fixed telephone service is used.
  • IC-Link
    Interconnection Purpose Link” means a transparent interconnection link provided by the Service Provider that connects the Service Provider’s Point of Presence with the Interconnection Point in the following forms:
    a) Near-end Interconnection
    b) Far-end Interconnection Link

A Magyar Telekom Reference Interconnect Offer (MARIO) can be downloaded among the related documents.