Network access products

In addition to the services included in Magyar Telekom Reference Interconnect Offer (MARIO) many other network access services offering added value to the customers of our partners can be used by partners interconnecting with Magyar Telekom.

  • Directory assistance service
    Our partners can ensure with network access agreements that their subscribers can access Magyar Telekom’s Directory Assistance Plus, National and International Directory Assistance, Directory Assistance Call Completion and Directory Assistance SMS services. Magyar Telekom offers high standard services with a call center created on the basis of the experience of last years and trained personnel.
  • Colour (blue, green) number service
    With the use of this service our Partner’s customers can access blue and green numbers in Magyar Telekom’s network and vice versa: Magyar Telekom’s subscribers can access the color numbers of the Partner’s customers. The conditions of cooperation between partner providers needed to ensure mutual access to the blue and green numbers operating in Magyar Telekom’s and the Partner’s networks are regulated in Network Access Agreements.
  • Short (customer care service and other purpose) number service
    A short number is a three to five digit non-geographical number that enables national access to
    • electronic communications service providers’ customer care services (12cd), or
    • telephone service providers’ services (14cde), or
    • services of public interest (18cd).
    With the use of this service Magyar Telekom ensures access to the short numbers assigned by the National Communications Authority to electronic communications service providers from Magyar Telekom’s network. National roll-out of the service - through partner provider agreements - ensures also the possibility to transfer calls from the networks of third parties.
  • Dial-up Internet service (#51)
    With the use of our internet access service (with normal or reverse charged structure) Magyar Telekom routes calls originated by its subscribers targeting a number used for internet access of our Partner to the destinations identified by the Customer.