Other commercial voice services

Magyar Telekom offers other voice services to help the operation of the Partner’s network and interconnection with other networks.

  • International termination
    Magyar Telekom offers high quality international call termination at an attractive price from the service transfer point requested by the Partner to fixed, mobile and satellite telecommunications service providers’ networks in any country of the world.Commercial conditions are flexibly created according to the customers’ needs.
  • National transit
    With the national transit service Magyar Telekom transports under a partner provider agreement calls originated by the subscribers of the Partner
    • to national fixed and mobile networks,
    • to national premium rate numbers operating in the network of any partner provider,
    • to non-geographical subscriber numbers operating in the network of any partner provider (#21).
  • Wholesale Cable Phone
    Magyar Telekom’s Wholesale Cable Phone service enables our Partner to introduce geographical IP-based subscriber phone service in its CATV network under its own name.
    Further information
    (PDF, 304 kB)
  • Roaming signaling message service
    With the Roaming signaling message service Magyar Telekom transports mobile carriers’ SCCP roaming signaling messages from Hungary to other countries.The service includes the following components:
    • Informative SMSs received while roaming SMSs sent from Hungary to other country or prepaid mobile calls in other country
    • Signaling messages sent from Hungary to other country (e.g. when mobile phone is switched on and off, messages generated when changing carrier).