Data Protection

Data Protection

Data protection

General information

Magyar Telekom Plc. respects and protects the personal data of users contacting it on its website.

Data processing performed by our company is governed in particular by the following legislation:

  • Act C of 2003 on electronic communications
  • ⁣Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the publicity of public data, as amended by Act XLVIII of 2003 and Act XIX of 2005
  • ⁣Government Decree No 226/2003 (XII.13.) on the special conditions of data processing by the electronic communications service provider, security of data in electronic communications services, and the rules of identifier presentation and call forwarding
  • ⁣Decree No 16/2003( XII.27. ) IHM of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications on the detailed rules of electronic communications subscription contracts and their conclusion

⁣If you are a subscriber to Magyar Telekom Plc., you will find information about the protection of your data in the Data Protection Brochure

⁣If you apply for a job with us, you can find information about the processing of your personal data in the Data Protection Policy.

⁣Further data protection regulations concerning Magyar Telekom Plc. are available in the Deutsche Telekom Group’s Rules of Procedure for Protection of Personal Data. Deutsche Telekom Group’s Rules of Procedure for Protection of Personal Data

⁣Magyar Telekom Plc. will not assume any liability for data processing by sites linked to or from the home page of Magyar Telekom Plc.

Data entry

Information on the home page can be viewed without having to enter personal data.

⁣ Other services (e.g. application for a job), however, require entry of certain personal data (e.g. name, address). In such cases before registration of data Magyar Telekom Plc. informs the concerned users about the rules of data processing and requests their prior consent to data processing, which can be revoked at any time.

⁣ For the purpose of technical operation of its home page Magyar Telekom Plc. uses on a temporary basis the following automatically generated items of information, that do not contain any personal data: computer’s internet protocol address (IP address), domain name (URL), access data, customer file query (file name and URL), HTTP reply code, data of the website from which the query was made, volume in bytes transferred during the visit, time of the visit, number of pages viewed and name of the browser used. In certain cases anonymous visit IDs (cookies) are also used to optimise the website according to user preferences.

Data usage and forwarding

⁣In each case when Magyar Telekom Plc. intends to use the supplied data for other than the purpose of the initial data entry, it informs the concerned party about it and requests his or her prior consent thereto, and enables him or her to revoke such consent at any time thereafter.

⁣ Magyar Telekom Plc. will not disclose, under any circumstance, the personal data processed by it to any third party, except in the cases defined by legislation.

Data security

⁣To prevent unauthorised use of the processed personal data and related abuses the company applies extensive technical and operational security measures. We continuously monitor and develop our security procedures in line with technical progress.


Magyar Telekom Plc. will provide information about the processing of personal data of concerned parties upon written request.