Digitalization is the present at any time

Magyar Telekom, the digital service provider

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Gábor Vasvári

Technology that is becoming ever more complex and covering all fields is difficult to follow up, which results in uncertainty and tension. In order to avoid bad or wrong decisions, reliable, predictable and sustainable digital services are needed – and a service provider that helps confidently leveraging the opportunities lying in digitalization.

Fears hidden in digitalization

While technology is becoming ever more complex and capable of managing ever more things, even technical professionals have difficulties in keeping pace with this development – and much more so typical customers now learning the basic skills of IT and infocommunication. This, however, results in a situation where customers do not understand all fields of technology, and cannot at all follow its rapid development.

The divide between current general understanding and the latest capabilities offered by technology is widening, which results in uncertainty and tension: on the one hand, due to the increasing stake of decisions, on the other hand, due to the growing probability of wrong decisions. In more practical terms: with the rising potential of technology the risk of incorrectly using it also grows. For example much money is unnecessarily spent on technology that offers less support to the enterprise.

The solution is a well selected partner

To enable focusing on own business processes, customers must permanently obtain reliable, predictable and sustainable digital services. This requires a partner that can even in a volatile environment offer considered, optimally designed and sustainable services.

This is the level based on the balance of requirements and services that is according to Magyar Telekom the entry level to being a digital service provider. Similarly to the boundary between tailor-made and ready-to-wear clothes.

By tailoring cutting edge digital technologies to enterprises, Magyar Telekom make its partners’ competitiveness future-proof by making the future of companies predictable and controllable. It means helping the company’s executives become prepared to navigate between constant changes and adopt in due time the required decisions.

In a digital age, the basic dimension of preparedness is flexible use of progressive, current technologies and services organised around them. Magyar Telekom's customers can have the exhilarated feeling that they do not have to worry about their IT solutions, while keeping them well under control to leverage to the maximum extent the opportunities lying in them.