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Telekom and Waberer's Group's collaboration has become an innovation success story

The 15-year cooperation between Magyar Telekom and the Waberer's Group started with simple distribution activities, expanded to complex logistics services and now includes the development of joint innovative solutions. The companies' digital service provider has become a strategic supporter of the market-leading logistics service provider's diversified IT and telecommunications needs.

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Sándor Veress


Industry solutions

In addition to the Smart Truck project launched in 2020, Telekom has been supporting Waberer's, the market-leading service provider in the Hungarian logistics sector, as an expert consultant in several strategically important areas of digital progress and transformation. This includes low-current cabling and the modernisation of IT infrastructure, as well as innovative solutions such as the Kardex automated order management system.

Before the turn of the millennium, Waberer's Logistics, the predecessor of a subsidiary of the Waberer's Group, provided only national distribution services to MATÁV, the predecessor of Magyar Telekom. However, the cooperation became much closer in 2008, when the market-leading Hungarian logistics provider won T-Mobile's service logistics tender. After 2010 the activity was extended with the warehousing and distribution of wireline.- and mobile network materials.

⁣In the meantime, the demand for warehousing has also multiplied: the warehouse space used by Waberer's subsidiary WSZL logistics centre in Budapest has increased from an initial 5,000 m2 to 7,000 m2 and then to 14,000 m2 in 2021. At present, the range of products stocked here consists of three main groups of products: firstly, products that can be purchased in Magyar Telekom's webshop or shops, secondly, equipment for home services, and thirdly, tools and equipment used for the construction and operation of fixed and mobile networks.

The SmartTruck project, launched in 2020, has taken the relationship between the two companies to a new level. SmartTruck, built on the Microsoft Azure platform, has been used to optimise the fleet of forklift trucks from several manufacturers, of different types and with nearly 400 machines, serving 14 different warehouses at four sites of WSZL, a subsidiary of the Waberer's Group. The first step was to equip the trucks with smart boxes containing sensors that communicate via Wi-Fi or mobile networks. To obtain real-time information on vehicle position and utilisation, Magyar Telekom, with the help of Pozi Development Kft., connected a background system that provides real-time and ex-post information on the vehicles.

The cloud-based fleet management tool simplifies the planning of fleet allocation, utilisation or even maintenance tasks in advance, while ensuring that only the right people with the right skills and the right authorisation settings are allowed to use the machines. The data extracted from the system can be used for further analysis in Waberer's business management systems.

In addition to the above, Magyar Telekom supports the leading service provider of the Hungarian logistics sector as an expert consultant in several other strategically important areas in the digital progress and transition. Be it low-current cabling or the modernisation of IT infrastructure, or innovative solutions such as the Kardex automated order picking system.

The automated order picking solution, which requires minimal human intervention and represents another milestone in the joint development, will soon be installed at the Budapest logistics centre of WSZL, a subsidiary of Waberer's, to handle online retail orders received by Magyar Telekom. The big advantage of the solution is that the warehouse staff do not need to know which product is in stock, which shelf it is on, or whether there is any in the stock: the mobile shelf system handles everything automatically, right up to the delivery stage.