MS Teams design

⁣Online meetings and video conference calls may remain a part of our everyday lives in the future, so it may be necessary to develop a communication system that is accessible in all situations. Microsoft Teams, part of Microsoft 365, enables effective teamwork communication and collaboration from anywhere.

Product description

⁣Working in an office has changed, and teleworking is becoming more and more a part of everyday life. Microsoft Teams, part of Microsoft 365, helps communication and collaboration between team members, wherever they are and whenever they want. Chat software and apps are the latest and advanced work essentials that take collaboration and teamwork to the next level.

  • ⁣They are able to combine many different collaboration tools into a single web, desktop and mobile app.
  • ⁣Microsoft Teams' work culture reduces the number of emails,thereby reducing the load on mailboxes.
  • ⁣ It provides teamwork interfaces for solving a single task.

⁣These can significantly increase the efficiency and credibility of work, while also meeting the security criteria of collaboration.

⁣The decision to introduce it requires serious consideration and expertise. T-Systems Microsoft Teams design serviceprovides professional support and background

⁣What is included in the Microsoft Teams design service?

  • ⁣Use of instant messaging, or chat
  • ⁣Organising and conducting audio-conference calls
  • ⁣Organise video conferences with screen sharing
  • ⁣File sharing and collaborative editing
  • ⁣Using complementary applications for collaborative work
  • ⁣ Creating working groups for real-time work
  • ⁣Connecting Microsoft Active Directory and Outlook
  • ⁣ Interoperability with systems that can be installed in meeting rooms

⁣What is included in the Microsoft Teams design service?

  • ⁣Preliminary survey
  • ⁣Microsoft 365 subscription, synchronisation and integration
  • ⁣Configure Microsoft Teams by setting collaboration rules and authentication
  • ⁣Supplementary administrator training is provided


Microsoft Hungary, DCS

⁣Microsoft Teams is a teamwork application for cloud-basedcollaboration tool that is available as part of the Office 365 suite of services.The app is available for Windows, macOSand some Linux operating systems, and can be used from a web browser, as well as on Android and iOS platforms.

Its basic functions are:

  • use of instant messaging, or "chat",
  • organising and conducting audioconference calls,
  • ⁣organise video conferences by sharing the full screen or just a single application image,
  • ⁣sharing and editing files (e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel),
  • ⁣complementary applications can also be used together,further increasing productivity (e.g. Microsoft OneNote, wiki pages/creating knowledge base pages, assigning project tasksand tracking using Planner),
  • ⁣working groups and sub-groups can be set up, whose members can collaborate in real time to carry out a common task or project.

⁣Microsoft Teams can be integrated into your company's office environment:

  • ⁣Teams users can be linked to existing Microsoft Active Directory users in the company.
  • ⁣Teams conferences can be organised from Outlook and the Outlook calendar can also be used from Teams.
  • ⁣Meeting room Teams - compatible with phone and video systems.

⁣The Microsoft Teams design service-depending on the outcome of the preliminary survey - includes:

  • Create an Office 365 subscription,
  • ⁣ Microsoft Active Directory integration,
  • directory synchronisation design,
  • ⁣Assign Office 365 licences to synchronised users,
  • ⁣ Microsoft Teams configuration,
  • collaboration rule setting,
  • ⁣introduction of two-factor authentication if required,
  • ⁣Create a Microsoft Teams installation package for GPO- or SCCM-based distribution.


Microsoft Hungary, DCS