⁣Instant Data Center - Virtual data center service

⁣Within the Instant Data Center (herein after referred to as Instant DC) service, we provide virtual machines, storage capacity and backup solutions from the cloud-based system of Magyar Telekom as a monthly fee service, free of investment.

Product description

⁣The Instant DCvirtual server service is provided from one of the largest and most secure cloud-based data centers in Central and Eastern Europe, the Magyar Telekom Cloud & Data Center, which offers unrivalled operational security.As part of the service, Magyar Telekom also provides so-called Virtual Data Center  capacity, if required. ans

⁣The instantDC is a shared Virtual Data Center, within which the allocation of resources (the distribution of the resource pool among virtual machines) can be freely decided.

⁣Resource availability is enforced by the Magyar Telekom Cloud Platform. A target space is provided to allocate resources and to create, configure and start virtual machines.

What are the main benefits of Instant Data Centervirtual server rental?


⁣The volume of resources used can by dynamically changed. The Customer professionals may decide the resource sharing of virtual servers according to current demand.

⁣Furthermore, with an instantDC configuration the application that needs it the most will receive the most resource allocation.


⁣This infrastructure with all redundant components ensures outstandingly high 99.9% availability.

⁣The infrastructure is located in Magyar Telekom's Budapest Data Center, which is unique in the region, and guarantees physical security to a high standard.

Available without investment

⁣Infrastructure services are available on a monthly fee basis, with no investment required, and almost immediate availability. Costs are charged as OPEX, which in many cases is much more favorable for Customers in the current economic climate.

Guaranteed expertise

⁣The operation of the infrastructure or even the Customer's systems - up to the level agreed with the Customer - is carried out by Magyar Telekom's team of engineers, building on decades of experience.

Servers: HPE blade servers

⁣HPE is one of the world's largest technology companies, and a key part of its business is developing and delivering servers, storage, networking and more.We have been using blade server solutions since the beginning because of their high density, advanced, centralized management capabilities.

⁣Storage: IBM FlashSystem

⁣IBM's history dates back to 1924, when data processing was already an important part of its business. The company has been an innovator and developer of storage devices for decades, which is why we chose IBM. Their devices always use the latest but reliable technology, which is why they are our number one storage supplier.

⁣Network: Cisco

⁣Cisco has been a prominent partner of Magyar Telekom's predecessors in the field of networking equipment, it was evident that the LAN, WAN, FW devices for the Cloud platform were also selected from Cisco's portfolio.

Designing virtual servers

⁣Virtual servers are built on a redundant infrastructure and data content is stored on a central repository. This virtualized environment has N+1 redundancy, that means

⁣in the event of a failure of a physical hardware device, the service will automatically continue to operate on another, properly functioning hardware device (in such cases, depending on the hardware device involved, virtual servers may be restarted in a crash-consistent state).

⁣Virtualization is provided by VMWare, the market leader in this field. Computation capacity is provided by HPE blade servers and data storage is provided by high-reliability IBM storage.

⁣The entire infrastructure is geo-redundant, it is up to your needs and decision whether the virtual machines or virtual Data Center should be geo-redundant.

⁣Backup is provided by enterprise-class backup software with D2D2T solution, according to your data retention requirements. It is even possible that even though the VM/vDC is not geo-redundant, backups are stored on the other site.

The operation of the⁣Cloud Platform⁣ (hardware and virtualization layer) is provided by T-Systems experts⁣, while the operation of the components above the basic infrastructure, operating systems, databases and other applications is basically operated by your experts (if required, T-Systems experts can also assist in providing operation services above the basic infrastructure).

⁣In practice, this results in a resource pool comprising memory (RAM), a certain amount of processing capacity (also expressed in terms of the number of vCPUs and the number of clock cycles allocated by the Cloud Platform) and data storage capacity.

Secure access

⁣The infrastructure includes a redundant LAN, firewalls and internet connection to ensure secure access to the systems running on the premises.In the Cloud Platform, each client's network and virtual machines are completely separate from other clients and are not interoperable.

Storage conditions

⁣The Data Content in the Virtual Data Center is your property and your responsibility. You are free to install your own proprietary software and applications on the virtual servers provided.

⁣Any software so installed or uploaded is considered Data Content. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate licenses, authorization, rights to add, install, upload and store the software.

T-Systems Hungary is a Microsoft partner, and therefore you may use Microsoft licenses in a monthly fee construction.

Service environment

Magyar Telekom Group Data Centers are at 2 locations, Budapest and Budaörs:

⁣- T-Systems Cloud and DataCenter – H-1087

⁣ Budapest, Asztalos Sándor Street 13

- T-Systems Cloud Platform Budaörs–H-2040 Budaörs,

Ipartelep Street 13-15

Physical environment offered

⁣We provide the physical environment in our server rooms that is necessary for reliable operation:

  • ⁣uninterruptible power supply (A/B power circuit),
  • ⁣air-conditioned environment,
  • ⁣fire protection equipment,
  • ⁣physical security system,
  • ⁣high-speed, redundant domestic and international Internet backbone access required to run state-of-the-art Internet applications.

Other services

⁣24/7 service supervision, monitoring and customer support, T-Systems guarantees 99.9% availability for the instantServer add-on service, excluding planned downtime for maintenance and notified to customers 15 days in advance.