First Class

⁣First Class enhances first-class customer experience also with privileges.

Product description

⁣First Class also strengthens the first-class customer experience with privileges.

⁣Services like YES, which offers premium assistance and administration for the phone, or the First Class Premium Card which contains an inactive extra SIM card for an emergency and is also automatically included in the package; furthermore, you will have free access to the Sky Court VIP waiting room services at the Budapest International Airport with it.

⁣5G is already available in our First Class tariff package. 5G is the network of the future and a new level in mobile technology. The introduction of 5G does not mean the end of 4G/LTE, this is rather an evolutionary step which supplements the existing networks. Compared to the average 4G download speed, the download speed offered by 5G is up to ten times faster. Compared to the average 4G response time, the 5G response time may even be half. Compared to the current 4G network, more users can connect, and we can provide more bandwidth per user.

⁣It includes 3 months of Cisco Webex Teams free of charge, as well as large corporate Office 365 packages and OneDrive for Business.