Instant Network - network service

Within our instant network service, our customers receive a complete turnkey network service that includes:

  • Planning
  • Tools
  • Installation
  • Proactive operation
  • ⁣Service Desk
Product description

Instant Network network Service from Magyar Telekom

The IT LAN and WiFi network is essential nowadays in the life of a company, its existence greatly affects the successful business of the company, therefore its stable operation is a basic requirement. In many cases, the existence of the network is seen as the same utility as water or electricity. This market demand motivated us to create Instant Network, where customers can access network services from us in a similar way to other utilities.

⁣The Instant Network includes the following main elements:

  • Planning: based on the customer’s business needs, we plan the network service having the best price/value ratio, be it data center, border protection, SD-WAN, LAN, WiFi, or even industrial network.
  • Tools: within the framework of the service, we provide all the necessary tools and licenses, which do not require a separate CAPEX-based investment.
  • Installation: the pre-designed network will be installed up to the last cable, and the customer will be receive a turnkey network that fully meets its needs.
  • Proactive operation: the network infrastructure installed by us is monitored by our in-house developed, high-availability NMSDB monitoringsystem, and in case of an error, we proactively start troubleshooting within the committed SLA time, which can be up to 7x24x4.
  • ⁣ServiceDesk: if there is an error detected by a client in connection with the operation of the network which cannot be detected by a monitoring system, or if only new setup needs arise, these will be treated within the agreed SLA time.

All of this is provided within the Instant Network network service for a fixed monthly fee, without any hidden costs.


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Why do we need an Instant Network service?

⁣The stable operation of the IT network is essential, since today most of the processes of almost every modern company are based on it, be it correspondence, production in industrial environments, logistics, or the use of collaboration solutions caused by home office used over the last period with rapidly growing frequency, or the spread of cloud solutions. The stable operation of the entire infrastructure depends on many factors, but it is indisputable that everything is based on a reliable network.

Magyar Telekom’s Instant Network service offers a high availability complete network servicewithout major investment, as our service is offered on a monthly fee basis.

Within the Instant Network service, we can offer even customized solutions in the following main areas:

  • Data Center Network 
  • Multi-site network (SD-WAN)
  • Border protection
  • Core Network
  • LAN network
  • WiFi network
  • SD-Access Network
  • ⁣Industrial network (IoT)

Nowadays there is a huge shortage of staff in the IT market and this is extremely true in the network area, therefore we try to take a greater burden off the IT area with our service, as we not only ensure the flawless delivery of the service, but also the companies can count on our expertise in day-to-day operations.


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