⁣CTRL Managed perimeter protection service

⁣Any entire network connected to the Internet is a target for malicious attackers. Adequate protection and secure operation of the network can be achieved through the implementation of strict enforcement policies and the establishment of managed perimeter protection that meets the needs of cutting edge. T-Systems CTRLManaged Perimeter Protection service consists of combined security service plans that can be tailored to the needs of companies and institutions, from reliable basic solutions to the development of Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) to meet complex requirements.

Product description

⁣A cybersecurity incident cannot only bring down systems that are essential to business continuity but may also land valuable company data in the wrong hands. This can lead to operational difficulties, loss of confidence and even damage to the company's reputation in the market.

You may have asked yourself the following questions:

  • ⁣Are the IT security solutions in place at your company sufficient to prevent, detect and defend against a complex attack?
  • ⁣Do you have the resources to maintain cyber defenses at an adequate level and to continuously monitor and improve them?
  • ⁣When was the last time you reported on your company's traffic data and IT security events?
  • ⁣Would they even notice the security incidents that are becoming more frequent these days?

⁣CTRL Managed Perimeter Protection is a combined cybersecurity monthly fee service tailored to your needs, with reliable basic solutions to utmost complexity at predictable costs. It supports your organization to ensure business continuity and secure your valuable corporate data assets.

⁣The Managed Perimeter Protection service has all the classic on-premise perimeter protection solutions, combined with the benefits of the service, such as high availability or even continuous updates and reporting.

⁣Our available perimeter protection solutions among others include:

  • Firewall
  • ⁣Webfilter
  • ⁣Application control
  • ⁣IPS
  • ⁣VPN
  • ⁣Malware filter
  • ⁣SPAM filter

⁣In addition to the above, our perimeter protection service can also be used in combination with other premium services provided by Magyar Telekom, such as

  • CASB service
  • ⁣ SOC-service 5×8, 7×24
  • ⁣Anti-DDoS service
  • ⁣Managed WIFI service
  • ⁣ Automatic vulnerability scanning service.

⁣Our service can be used with any fixed IP Internet connection however requires technical consultation.

Benefits of our CTRL Managed Perimeter Protection service:

  • ⁣Packet filtering, anti-virus, anti-spam, intrusion protection, in a single service plan.
  • ⁣Plan sizes can be tailored to meet different needs and flexibly extended.
  • ⁣No customer-side management tasks.
  • ⁣No network assets under the Customer's own responsibility.
  • ⁣High availability: geo-redundant central system with 99.9% availability.
  • ⁣Financial structure with a monthly fee with predictable costs.



CTRL Managed Perimeter Protection,

⁣also known as Unified Threat Management (UTM), embraces the concept of unified threat management. It can be seen as a "superset" of next generation firewall capabilities.

⁣Accordingly, it is worth listing the basic network security features of our UTM solution.

Firewall (Firewall):⁣ Controls incoming and outgoing traffic on the network, allowing safe traffic to pass through while blocking unsafe traffic.

VPN (Virtual Private Network):⁣ A virtual private network extends a private network over a public network. For example, VPNs allow employees to securely access their company or institution's network outside the office.

IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems):⁣ Intrusion prevention systems monitor, log, identify and (optionally) stop malicious network activity.

Application Control:⁣ The ability to identify and control applications on networks and endpoints (PCs, smartphones and tablets, etc.), regardless of the port, protocol or IP address used.

Web/Content Filtering:⁣ Explicitly allow or block website traffic based on a number of configurable parameters, such as the reputation and/or category of the website visited.

AntiMalware/AntiVirus/AntiSpam:⁣ Usually provides real-time protection against malware installed on the system. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP): Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) target specific individuals or organizations, infiltrate from multiple vectors (phishing attacks, web recoveries, etc.), and employ extensive deception techniques to remain hidden for long periods of time before the data they intended to obtain is detected.

⁣ATP is a set of sophisticated techniques designed to identify and stop APTs.

⁣The CTRLManaged Perimeter Protection service combines the elements of the service into three interdependent plans.


⁣We offer the Basic Plan primarily to customers who want a cost-effective and versatile security system.The Basic Plan provides pre-defined cyber protection features that are customized at the time of installation.

This plan includes the following:

Firewall⁣ function, packet filtering

  • ⁣ All necessary connections from the client to the Internet are allowed.
  • ⁣Any connection from the Internet to the customer's internal network is prohibited. Exceptions to this rule may be connections to the customer's public servers (e.g. web server) and to the VPN server that enables home office working.
  • ⁣The customer's internal network addresses are mapped to the service point on a single NAT-ed IP. (The customer's subnets cannot be separately managed.)

Web filtering

  • ⁣Filter malicious web pages on a URL category basis.
  • ⁣Filtering based on content category: Blocking of categories that can be selected during filtering (e.g. adult content, gaming sites).
  • ⁣Filter access to bandwidth-intensive services (e.g. streaming media, p2p, file sharing, etc.).
  • ⁣ Enforcing safe search (by enforcing the SafeSearch function of search engines). (With this option, for example, unwanted adult content can already be disabled in search results - ideal for schools, libraries.)

Application filtering

  • ⁣ On application category basis (e.g.: Video/audio, p2p, botnet).
  • ⁣ Blocking known botnet type application downloads.


⁣We offer the Standard Plan to companies that need a more flexible service to meet their changing security needs.

⁣The plan includes all the services offered by the Basic Plan, plus monthly reports, suggestions and a weekly needs management option, allowing us to address even complex needs with customized solutions.

⁣In addition, the Standard Plan includes more advanced malware filtering than Basic Plan. On top of signature-based protection, this solution also performs real-time file scanning in the cloud.


⁣If your company is running business-critical applications that would suffer significant damage in case of any outage, choose the Professional Plan!

⁣In addition to the Standard Plan, Professional Plan offers daily demand management, weekly reports, more detailed intrusion protection (IPS) and client VPN, among other features. The Client VPN provides secure access to the company's internal network, whether for home office working or periodic remote logins.

⁣Customizable plans with optional additional services

⁣The Managed Perimeter Protection service can be tailored to your company's needs. Choose any plan and purchase the additional service components you need to ensure that your company is best protected. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance to select a plan. Our colleagues are always at your disposal to assist you.

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Services are included. Options available for a separate fee. Optional services can be selected as extra to the plan.

Premium protection services

  • CASB
  • ⁣ SOC-service 5×8, 7×24
  • ⁣ Anti-DDoS service
  • ⁣ Managed WIFI service
  • Automatic vulnerability scanning