Internet (fixed line)

High speed internet with unlimited traffic on fixed-line with several extra options in one offer.

You can talk and browse easily with Next Business EU packages within Hungary and abroad. You can buy a package from “M” to “XL” depending on your needs; which option you like.


  • Download speed options: 10-20-30-50-120 Mbit/s;
  • Fiber access on some areas;
  • No usage fee in internet usage;
  • 30 email addresses with 60 GB storage and further 500 MB web storage.

Extra services in the package:

  • Domain Start – your own domain and name server offering professional site on the internet for your company,
  • Web storage place capable to manage data bases;
  • Free of charge access to Telekom HotSpot without time limit.

For more details and prices in hungarian please visit this page!