Mobile voice + net

Mobile and internet in one

Tariff packages for telephone and mobile internet with charged or unlimited minutes of use

Buy a business package offering 150 or 300 or unlimited minutes of voice and high speed internet! The mobile internet makes it possible for you to access to your mail boxes, company files, applications and you can browse the internet even if you are out of the office.


  • No connection fee within the network
  • Possibility of unlimited talk to any Hungarian network
  • Second based billing
  • Optional unlimited EU roaming packages
  • Internet packages from 3 MB to Unlimited
  • Internet packages without charging over-limit-use
  • Lower monthly fee if you buy 2 SIMs with the same package. SIM level tariff packages

For more details and prices in hungarian please visit this page!

Extra options

Mobile phones:

  • We offer the latest market leader models, and also some popular ones on competitive prices
  • Call your account manager or ask for our latest offer!

Tandem SIM card

  • With the second or Tandem SIM card you can surf the internet simultaneously on your cell phone and tablet/notebook using the data of Next Business package.