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Digital tools for small businesses from Telekom to have enough time to do other things besides work

Budapest, March 21, 2022 14:00

According to a research by Telekom the majority of small business owners seldom take time off from work, as they believe that without their personal presence business would stop. The company tries to reduce the burden of businesses by digital solutions, so they can spend time on other important things as well, like leisure time, while keeping business operating smoothly and efficiently.

Every second Hungarian small business owner consciously tries to have time for other things besides their work, but they rarely have the opportunity to recharge their batteries - based on the results of a mini-survey* of several thousands of small businesses on Telekom's Hello Biznisz social networking site. This is familiar to anyone who is active in a small business: work will not let you go, or the need to control things makes it very difficult. As the research shows, small business owners believe that without their personal presence business stops. Among the reasons most of them say that there is no one to replace them (51%) or they fear of losing customers due to their absence (24%). However, digitalization can help businesses increase efficiency and data security while mitigating their time-pressure. Telekom is helping companies with "non-stop business" digital solutions that take off some of their burdens, so business can operate smoothly even when the owner is not present. The survey also found that if they had more time the majority (48%) would spend it with their families.

The key to the problem is Magenta 1 non-stop Business: a service package with capabilities that Telekom customized specifically to the needs and ideas of businesses.As part of the package continuous online access and high-speed data connections are provided through the new fixed internet service with optional bandwidth.To ensure that both access and business data are secure the new packages are supported by Cisco Umbrella, a free cloud based data security solution.  Continuity is meant literally for the business fixed internet connection: according to Telekom's data from last year the service had 99.95% availability. The stable wall-to-wall connection can be completed with a Business Smartwifi package, together with Business Wifi Assistance service. The optional Smartwifi provides a wireless solution customized to the size of the business premises and its parameters, thereby guaranteeing a reliable internet connection anywhere in the given area (office, warehouse, retail space, etc.). More details can be found here and here.

As time is always a key factor for a small business, Telekom connects and activates the fixed internet solution within 5 workdays in the case of new connections. The Magenta 1 Business package requires a mobile subscription, which can be flexibly selected from our portfolio.

"We have been listening to small and medium businesses for years, helping them with digital developments, knowledge and education that does not simply offer them digitalization, but also significant business improvement. Based on our Telekom Hello Biznisz education platform and our experience in service development we are familiar with digital solutions that help small businesses to manage their time efficiently and focus on things that are important to them. Now Magenta 1 Business keeps the business go ahead while gives more balance to the everyday lives of owners. We focused on creating “non-stop business” solutions that expand the possibilities of businesses in space and time, so that they have more time for other important things with less burden and more flexibility" - said István Iski, Director of Telekom's SME segment.

* Magyar Telekom's non-representative survey of 4964 businesses, made on the Telekom Hello Biznisz social media site in March, 2022.