Diversity and Inclusion

The diverse and inclusive workforce of Magyar Telekom is a key asset for our business success. Our commitment to equity based corporate culture is deeply rooted in our guiding principles and policies. It is embedded in our everyday practices guiding us towards an even more open, inclusive and safe workplace for colleagues with all backgrounds and abilities. As a responsible employer we pay special attention to the elimination of discrimination from the workplace environment, ensuring all voices be heard and all perspectives respected. Our equity and inclusion efforts imply a special focus on the diverse needs of employees coming from underrepresented social groups when it comes to the comfort of well-being, sense of belonging or career aspirations.

Our culture and values

Our policies and guiding principles are the fundamental values guiding us in our everyday business practices and corporate culture. The respect of human rights throughout our business operations and employer practices, our corporate culture based on anti-discrimination and our Equal Opportunities Plan guide us though all levels of our everyday operations.

Family-friendly Telekom

As a family-friendly mentor company we have a host of measures in place to support our employees in finding enough time for both their jobs and their private lives. Taking care of our families and spending enough quality time together is a common goal that we share regardless of age, gender or background. Find out more about our family friendly solutions and commitments.

Accessible Telekom

We believe that digitization plays a vital role in accessibility in all aspects of life. As employers it is our fundamental commitment to provide safe and accessible working conditions in both our digital and physical working environments in order to welcome employees with all abilities. Find out more about the accessibility of our digital and physical customer services and about our accessible services developed for the better comfort of our clients living with disabilities.

Diversity at Telekom

We build an open and inclusive working environment, where all of us can be who we are regardless of our age, gender, background or abilities. We are a diverse community and our clients are too. Innovation is fueled by the diversity of our perspectives allowing our great ideas to become the best solutions for our clients. We proudly step up against all forms of discrimination. As a major step on our path to a non-discriminative working environment was to find out more about our unconscious bias and how that affects our everyday decisions. Telekom was the first Hungarian company to adapt the terminology and discourse of ‘unconscious bias’ to Hungarian language, to develop an e-learning material and share it with the rest of the society. We rely on the guidelines and policies of our inclusive and ethical working culture in order to maintain an environment without sexism, harassment and discrimination.