50 Hungarian future-proof companies from the cloud

Outstanding cloud-based digital performance

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Gábor Vasvári

In addition to well-known brands, several startup players are also included in the Cloud 50 list compiled with the support of Magyar Telekom, prepared by Forbes for presenting outstanding cloud-based digital performances.

A total of fifty Hungarian companies with at least 80 percent of their operations based on cloud are included in the Cloud 50 list compiled by Forbes. This list shows – in analogy to the American The Cloud 100 – the most successful service providers using cloud technology, founded by Hungarian private persons, with at least 20 percent held by Hungarian entities and not listed on the stock exchange. A further important selection criterion was that the companies’ in-house developments should extend the cloud ecosystem.

The aggregate sales revenue in 2021 of the companies included in the list compiled with the support of Magyar Telekom is near HUF 150 billion. Most of them are working in the e-commerce sector, while numerous companies were included from the financial, agricultural, health or – not surprisingly – the IT sector. Similar to the American model, the Hungarian list also includes several startup players from vertical fields. Additionally, well-known and recognised brands, like Bookline, Edigital-Emag (former Extreme Digital), GreenGo,, Logiscool, Prezi, ShareNow and Számlá are also on the list.

A common feature of the companies included in the Cloud 50 list showing outstanding digital performances is that their cloud-based services not only make their own operation efficient, but also ensure highly flexible service provision to customers. In addition to innovative approach, a reliable technological partner and a cleverly built virtual infrastructure also play a key role in further development.

Although one third of domestic companies have already some experience with cloud-based business applications, it requires a major paradigm change for the cloud to grow from a tool supporting business purposes to a tool with strategic importance, to become a sort of new evolution level.

While the Hungarian market is progressing roughly at the pace of the East-European average, and in a few years it can even triple its volume, for the moment the majority of the companies choose between on-premise and cloud solutions on the basis of the specific solution and conditions. What is more, these are used rather parallel, and they open to purely cloud-based operation modes only cautiously.

Magyar Telekom, that possesses the widest cloud portfolio on the Hungarian market, helps finding the best solution: we offer cost-efficient services with prime quality in all cloud types and service forms and – uniquely in Hungary – also in a form that combines the benefits of public and private cloud.