Magyar Telekom, being Hungary’s leading ICT provider touches the lives of its customers through millions of encounters. Telephone, internet, TV and IT: we have uniquely broad ranges of high-quality and reliable services in each of these areas. We strive to diminish the distances between people by means of our innovative solutions, as well as to improve the potential of individuals, and thus the competitiveness of the country by means of our continuous developments. Our goal is to make the lives of our customers simpler, easier and more enjoyable through our services, by which we earn their trust again and again.

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Important information!

Please, be aware that you can apply to the formally advertised vacancies at Magyar Telekom only though our website, and application is never subject to taking training courses you have to pay for.


Frequently asked questions

Why is it good to work for Telekom?


Our colleagues’ expertise is outstanding in every comparison across the market. If you are an engineer, IT expert, economist or sales person, and want to work with the best, join us!


Our company has consciously undertaken a leading role for many years in the area of assuming responsibility. Not only are we committed to sustainable growth, Telekom is among the entities making the biggest donations, as well as one of the most dedicated sponsors of music and sports.

Market leader

Our multinational background and market leader position guarantees that you will have everything you need to be creative either in Hungary or in an international environment. At the same time, our overall transparency ensures that you can work under clear, transparent conditions.

Personal growth

When working for Telekom, you can build not only our corporate brand, but that of your own, too, as the competitiveness of your knowledge is up to you, too. On top of the trainings, you get the chance to work as part of complex projects and diverse teams, which helps you to see further than the boundaries of your specific job, and to be able to gain global business expertise by getting familiar with the work done by other areas.

It is good to belong here:

You do not only find the best team here to work with, but also colleagues with whom it is great to spend time with after working hours.

Awards, other forms of recognition

  • Family-friendly Workplace 2015
  • Handicap-friendly Workplace 2015
  • CSR Hungary Award 2015
  • Biker-friendly Workplace 2014