Microsoft collaboration software (Microsoft365)

⁣ Microsoft's collaboration software is a cloud service that enables efficient and reliable collaboration with your colleagues, customers and partners. It allows you to edit, share and store documents simultaneously, as well as hold online conferences.

Product description

⁣As one of the world's largest business software vendors and cloud service providers, Microsoft can cover the IT needs of almost any business with postpaid business cloud services. Different services can be purchased for different needs, avoiding unnecessary expenditure.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Teamwork cloud service?

Monthly fee service:

  • ⁣No need to invest, but can be paid on demand, on a monthly basis.

High availability:

  • ⁣Microsoft guarantees reliability with the most robust cloud infrastructure in the world.


  • ⁣No need to invest in infrastructure when data volumes grow or other features are required, just switch to the right subscription.

Regulated environment

  • ⁣ Regulatory options can meet the regulatory requirements of larger companies.

⁣Microsoft cloud services can be purchased in a variety of plans: every company can find the features they need with a flexible subscription or an annual commitment at a lower price. Such Microsoft functions are for instance: Outlook, Exchange, Bookings, Teams, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Power BI, OneDrive. Sharepoint, Planner, Power apps.

⁣User licenses may be reallocated within a company to meet the actual demand


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⁣A typical Microsoft 365 launch generally offers companies the necessary office and collaboration software items (Outlook, Exchange, Bookings, Teams, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Power BI, OneDrive. Sharepoint, Planner, Power apps.) via a cost-efficient business could service. Apps and files are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, from a browser, mobile device, or computer.

⁣The entire enterprise system can be managed from an online interface: user permissions, authorized devices and policies, as well as various report alerts are available.

What are the other benefits of Microsoft collaboration software?

Simple use:

  • ⁣ Everything is accessible from a web interface, from any device, with high availability.

Resource efficient:

  • ⁣Using it reduces internal IT, no need for a separate on-site server or application. e.g. for mail.

Always up to date:

  • ⁣ New updates and new features are constantly coming so you can stay ahead of the curve.

⁣Scalable security functionality:

  • ⁣By choosing the right licenses, every company can provide a security solution that is proportionate to their risk.


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