⁣Hosting as a service with all the benefits: service delivered with a service level commitment, a continuously audited environment, on a high-availability Data Centre Infrastructure.

Product description

⁣As a domestic provider of ICT infrastructure outsourcing the colocation services, of Magyar Telekom Cloud & Data Center Budapest is one of the region's highest-tech data centers.

⁣Industry- and service-specific security, multi-level fire protection solutions, high availability power supply, precision cooling and special environmental conditions ensure the protection of business-critical ICT equipment, creating an optimal environment for reliable operation.

⁣Many leading Hungarian and international bandwidth providers are present and connected to the Magyar Telekom Cloud & Data Center. The choice of bandwidth provider gives you flexibility, can create favorable pricing conditions and even makes redundant services available at the service provider level

⁣Our experts provide 24-hour operator support for your Data Center infrastructure, carrying out operational and maintenance tasks. Our SmartHands team provides our customers with a range of basic "remote hands on" activities in the Data Center with one-hour availability.

⁣When you move your central business systems based on ICT to Magyar Telekom's high-security Data Center, you create the opportunity to focus only on your core business and run your business at peak efficiency.

⁣Our specialists design and build the optimal Data Center environment for the ICT equipment to be served, based on the customer's needs, in shared or dedicated machine rooms. Service handover points for client-side ICT equipment are established, which also form the boundaries of responsibility between client and service provider.

Co-location service:

  • High availability of electricity supply
  • Precision cooling
  • ⁣ Data center security technology
  • Fire detection and automatic extinguishing
  • Specialized environmental physical infrastructure

Related features of the service:

  • ⁣ SLA-based
  • Compliance with regulated, audited Data Center processes
  • Full service management and
  • ServiceDesk - fault ticket based service

Technical features of the service

⁣Two Data Centers with independent server infrastructure with 10 730 sqm of machine room space, 6 MW of available electrical power to IT, 24/7 operation support.

Physical security

  • ⁣Security service: 24/7 live security personnelPhysical security systems (hydraulic road barrier, metal detector gate, CCTV, active and passive sensors)
  • ⁣Ability to install customized, tailor-made security solutions and processes for specific customer sites
  • Provision of anonymous hosting in a machine room environment

Electricity supply

  • ⁣ Redundant (A+B) power supply
  • ⁣ 2(N+1) UPS system with minimum 8 minutes of bridging time until required power supply is back (generator), at full load
  • ⁣5 generators per Data Center in N+1 configuration ready for operation with Minimum fuel reserve for 72 hours
  • ⁣ 99.999% annual availability

Fire detection and extinguishing

  • ⁣complex fire detection solutions (early detection aspiration and point detection)
  • ⁣Nitrogen based inergen gas flooding extinguishing - non-harmful to humans, or the environment
  • ⁣Continuous maintenance of electrical power and cooling during firefighting