Azure Stack HUB

⁣An integrated system that enables organizations to store data locally across borders, relying on Magyar Telekom's Data Center, while providing interoperability with Azure's public cloud. The system thus provides an ideal solution for storing sensitive data and information.

⁣ This cloud platform enables enterprises to install, migrate and scale IT infrastructure and applications locally and in hybrid mode.

Product description

⁣In the financial, healthcare and government industries, a common problem is that some sensitive data sets are not allowed to be moved to the public clouddue to regulatory and data sovereignty requirements. Magyar Telekom's Azure Stack Hubservice can help with this.

Service advantages

  • ⁣A flexibly scalable solution
  • ⁣Available as a monthly fee service
  • ⁣ Self-service working
  • ⁣Marketplace option with custom elements and images
  • ⁣ Availability of PaaS services alongside IaaS
  • ⁣ 3 years free extended support for end-of-support products

What is included in the service?

  • ⁣Solutions similar to Public Azure services for on-premises serving, building and running cloud native applications
  • ⁣Classic infrastructure components, databases, applications, or custom Azure marketplace built to meet business needs
  • ⁣ Run your own autonomous cloud with controlled access
  • ⁣Unified DevOps services
  • ⁣Use of a wide range of open-source technologies


Microsoft, HPE

⁣Azure Stack HUB is an addition to Azure that enables  Magyar Telekom on  Azure services and proprietary applications on its data farm without the data going out to public Azure. With a consistent cloud platform, organizations can confidently make technology decisions based on business requirements rather than business decisions based on technology constraints.

⁣Why to use Azure Stack HUB?

⁣Azure provides a rich platform for developers to build modern applications, and for IT professionals to operate enterprise resources in the right environment. However, in some cases, barriers such as latency, regulation, or unreliable access arise, requiring a proximal (almost local) solution. Azure and Azure Stack HUB offer hybrid-cloud use solutions to these problems.

⁣The Azure Stack HUB offers management solutions similar to public Azure, as well as the ability to use resources familiar from Azure.

⁣Being located in Hungary, it provides a low-latency environment with all the services needed to reduce costs, such as easy resizing of machines, out-of-service shutdown and startup, and scaling to demand.

⁣It also supports newer technologies in the application area, such as containerization, and supports rapid application development and IaC solutions.

⁣IT professionals can quickly and conveniently create new resources for development, test, and live environments without hardware investments.


Microsoft, HPE