SD-WAN device

⁣Optimized corporate private network - SD WAN

⁣The SD-WAN (software - based WAN) SD-WAN (software-defined WAN) service for large-scale virtual private networksfor the deployment and management of software-basedsolution to help you optimizenetwork architecture and traffic. SD-WAN offers outstanding security and business continuity through its versatile manageability in a predictable monthly fee plan.

Product description

Why should you need SD-WAN service?

Today's constantly⁣ changing and evolving business needs require new types of network design.

⁣Magyar Telekom, provides a state-of-the-art software-based solution for business challenges ranging from single endpoint Internet to large-scale virtual private networks, with system installation and management.

⁣When do you need SD-WAN service?

  • ⁣ if your business uses business applications that are critical to business continuity,
  • ⁣to secure communication between your sites and your business partners is essential,
  • ⁣if you wish to have a predictable, monthly fee service rather than an investment with professional support,
  • ⁣ if your company's priority is to get business up and running as quickly as possible, i.e. to quickly connect the endpoint to the corporate network,
  • ⁣ and at last but not least to focus on the core business of your company.

How does our SD-WAN service help?

⁣By using our service, you no longer need separate fixed and mobile operators, device suppliers and operating teams - we provide it all from a single source.

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⁣Why do you need SD-WAN?

  • ⁣Today's enterprises are using SaaS/IaaS cloud-based applications, so the traditional network architecture has seen a significant increase in the amount of data traffic going in the Internet direction between different applications.
  • ⁣Changes in business models are putting significant pressure on IT. Employee efficiency is affected by performance issues with SaaS applications.
  • ⁣IT operators are challenged almost daily to connect users with different privileges to multiple devices in a multi-cloud environment.

How does a virtual private network help?

⁣SD-WAN service can be used to implement data traffic management, IT security and simplify WAN network management.

  • ⁣ The service is accessed and data and Internet traffic is uniformly routed over the Internet by establishing one or more secure (encrypted) and high-quality parallel communication channels, primary and secondary, over the Internet.
  • ⁣ End-to-end centralized management of the network and service is provided by the service provider using a private cloud-based solution. The data traffic is not transmitted to the management cloud, but only between the sites over an encrypted channel.

⁣Depending on the criticality of the business, several plans have been put together for optimized network management:

  • ⁣Primary asymmetric or leased line and secondary mobile or microwave access per endpoint
  • SD-WAN networking devices adapted for access
  • ⁣Installation, configuration, operation
  • ⁣Management screen (monitoring)
  • ⁣7/24 service management
  • ⁣Application based traffic routing
  • ⁣ Load balancing for multiple accesses and backup
  • Advanced IT security solutions in every plan

With the SD-WAN service:

  • ⁣You can achieve advanced network security,
  • ⁣Minimize network downtime,
  • ⁣Create a virtual connection to the cloud service endpoints,
  • ⁣Optimize application performance,
  • ⁣ Quickly connect remote workstations to the corporate network.

⁣By using a software-based service, the communication burden is taken off your shoulders.

⁣The company's IT resources can be dedicated to value-added IT solutions, managing cloud-based services.

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