Karácsonyra szeretnél rendelni? Kiszállítással kapcsolatban itt tudsz tájékozódni.
Karácsonyra szeretnél rendelni? Kiszállítással kapcsolatban itt tudsz tájékozódni.

ExtraNet Green 1 GB extension option

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our times, and we know that the technologies used now hugely affect the climate of tomorrow. Being a responsible company, Magyar Telekom does everything within its power to ensure that the technologies it uses affect the climate to the smallest possible extent.

We can already feel the effects of climate change, and will face the increasing damage it does more and more frequently in the future. That urges us to further intensify our climate protection activities. We believe that in addition to our energy efficiency investment projects and carbon-neutral operations, one of the most effective means of stopping climate change is the use of renewing energy sources. It is our long-term goal to ensure that renewing energy sources provide an increasing part of our network’s power supply. That is why we started to install solar power plants on our buildings.

We would like to offer the choice to our customers who consider it as important as we do to fight against climate change to pick a service that serves the purpose of protecting the climate. That is why we came up with the globally unique ExtraNet Green 1 GB option.

Be part of the NOW, so that we be able to take action to prevent the damaging effects of climate change in the future!

What does the package include?

If you go for the ExtraNet Green 1 GB data extension option, we guarantee that we generate the same amount of energy as the one required to transmit your data using our solar power plants. The system installed on the top of our Kékvirág street facility generates enough power to transmit approximately 450 000 GBs of data a year, using green energy exclusively.

You can track the daily power output of the system here.

Why does it cost HUF 100 more than the ExtraNet 1 GB option?

We believe that together we can achieve more, so we use the proceeds to start installing additional solar panel systems to enable us to transmit as much as 1 000 000 GBs of data a year, using renewing energy exclusively. That is why the price of ExtraNet Green 1 GB is HUF 1590.

How can I buy?



Click, and after log-in, choose the ExtraNet Green 1 GB option in "Details".

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Choose the Subscription settings/Mobile internet/One-time services menu.

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Call 1414!

After identification, the operator will help you.


Did you know?

Thanks to Magyar Telekom’s investments into energy efficiency, we use 83 Whs to transmit 1 GB of data, which approximately equals the amount of electric power needed to dry your hair for 5 minutes.