About Us

Magyar Telekom is not only the biggest telco of Hungary but it is also a determining stakeholder, investor and employer of the Hungarian economy. We have concluded a cooperating partnership with the Hungarian government to contribute to the digital development of the country.

Expertise and flexibility

It is a major goal of Telekom to provide excellent service to the small and medium companies. Every second SME uses Telekom network at this moment.Our partners can procure the fixed-line, mobile, internet and IT services from one provider making their business connections simpler and more flexible. The unified expertise and competence make sure that we offer the most efficient service and combination of solutions. As a result, our partners may achieve competitive advantage on their market.

Our goal is to improve the efficiency of our customers

It is our important task beyond the steady development of our services, to call the attention of SMEs to the opportunities of improving their efficiency and competitiveness with the help of our more complex telecommunication and IT services.