What is Magenta 1 Business?

At least one mobile service

Vezetékes szolgáltatás

At least one fixed line service




33 000 HUF discount on devices*

Magenta 1 Business extra előnyök

Magenta 1 Business extra benefits

What more does Magenta 1 Business give you?

Magenta 1 Business Prémium

Magenta 1 Business Premium discount level

A minimum of 4 unlimited mobile voice* subscriptions with Business Data Non-stop or Business Unlimited Data mobile internet and a minimum of 1 fixed line service, you get unlimited mobile voice* and above net packages at half price (50 % off) and a dedicated customer adviser.

*unlimited voice: Unlimited voice: Business Mobile XL or Business Mobile XXL

Magenta 1 Business

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Additional terms and conditions

Device discount*

The extra device discount is available if the business customer subscribes to a specific business fixed line service in addition to his/her existing Telekom mobile monthly fee service or a specific business mobile service in addition to his/her existing Telekom fixed line service or does not have Telekom mobile and fixed line services and simultaneously subscribes to both a specific business mobile and business fixed line service and signs a contract with a fixed term of 2 years for the new services. The discount can only be applied at the time of the conclusion of the new service contract. The extra handset discount can be used once per customer for the purchase of one handset from the Business device Discount price list. In case of choosing a device for a gross amount of less than HUF 33 000, the unused amount is no longer valid.

Magenta 1 Business discount package

The Magenta 1 Business discount package can be used with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 Business Mobile subscriptions and one fixed line subscription, and cannot be combined with any other discount offered to Business Subscribers or with the discounts offered to individual subscribers in the Residential General Conditions, which are not valid at the same time.

Magenta 1 Business extra benefits

You will benefit from extra services such as double mobile network on all your SIM cards included in Magenta 1 Business (except Business Data Non-stop and Business Unlimited Data) and simplified telephone management.