Server and data park services

You do not think your company data are safe enough? Do you want to replace or remove your server?

We offer power servers (computers) offering excellent solution for operating various services like mail servers, webpage managing servers, FTP servers or data base servers.

Our state-of-the-art technologies in our data parks offer 99.999% availability, power supply, controlled temperature, 24/24 operator duty, security service and outstanding physical guarding.

Server purchase and lease:

  • Server purchase:
    Paid in one amount or monthly installments, with placement in the data park, and leased software
  • Server lease:
    You can lease a server for a fix monthly amount in Telekom Data Park and the server is accessible from anywhere!
  • Virtual server
    You can lease a fixed or dynamically changing virtual server. You pay as much as you use!
  • Desktop mini server
    Safe data storing and archiving in your location and in our Data Park.

Server hosting

Extra options

You can lease a place on a rack or a whole server room under the frames of our hosting services.

Call your account manager for more information or ask for an offer!