Management's statement


Magyar Telekom’s management and the Company’s Board of Directors are committed to conduct all business activities of the Group in accordance with the strictest legal and ethical norms. This commitment is the foundation upon which we built Magyar Telekom’s Corporate Compliance Program.
The Corporate Compliance Program applies to all bodies, organizations, directors, officers and employees of Magyar Telekom Group, as well as to consultants, agents, representatives, and all other persons or bodies who carry out work on behalf of any company within the Group. Additionally, we expect our business partners, suppliers and customers to aid us in this effort by acting in a similarly ethical manner. As such, certain aspects of the Magyar Telekom Corporate Compliance Program, apply not just to Magyar Telekom Group employees, but also to third parties with whom we do business.

The Magyar Telekom Corporate Compliance Program has been designed to ensure that the Group conducts its business to the highest standards of awareness, training, commitment and adherence to applicable laws and regulations. To do so requires the implementation of policies and procedures that address potential compliance risk areas together with identifiable mechanisms for reporting, investigating, monitoring and correcting cases of suspected or actual non-compliance. It is a requirement that all employees and other affected parties guide their actions not only to the letter but also to the spirit of these guidelines.
It is critical that each of us recognizes and accepts personal responsibility for each of our individual actions in complying with the Group's ethical standards. As an aid and guideline, we have Group policies supported by a comprehensive and ongoing training program.

We believe that access to digital solutions helps everyone to move forward in their lives. Our customers can always count on us, wherever they are and whatever their situation, we will help them to always have the right digital solution in their hands. Our mission is to use our innovative technologies and services to help everyone achieve their goals and be more successful in their personal or business life. It is the spirit that drives the way we build our processes, work on our networks and integrated services.
However, it is only through our everyday actions and behaviour consistent with these highest ethical standards that we can maintain our success. We will achieve our business objectives while maintaining our integrity and enhancing our reputation as an ethical leader in the telecommunications industry.

Tibor Rékasi

Chief Executive Officer

Code of Conduct