Telekom Electronic Beats

Deutsche Telekom launched the event series back in 2000 that now is part of top electronic festivals. Nevertheless, Telekom Electronic Beats is not only about partying.

The program also embraces closely connected areas of art, such as design, tech, fashion or other forms of art.

In 2017 Magyar Telekom joined Deutsche Telekom’s international electronic music program. By now there is an innovative Hungarian media portfolio, including the EB.TV HUNGARY video channel offering an insight into contemporary Hungarian electronic music, the EB.MOSTFacebook live stream series, the daily updated website and the two social media interfaces: Telekom Electronic Beats’ Facebook and Instagram (electronicbeats_hu) site.

Rediscover Budapest with the Telekom Electronic Beats SPOTS program! Together with the Night Embassy of Budapest Telekom Electronic Beats has created the Budapest SPOTS program, which is a professional program recommendation system, collecting and auditing cultural and community focus points of Budapest. The most special and surprising SPOT places also offer inspiring and exciting content with the use of Telekom’s zOOm mobile telephone application.