Magyar Telekom s wholesale area

„Partner in telecommunications”


Magyar Telekom Telecommunications Plc. was the first in Hungary to perform wholesale telecommunications activities, so we have decades of experience in interconnection of telecommunications networks and high standard satisfaction of the diverse needs of telecommunications service providers.

Wide service portfolio

All wholesale partners and would-be customers can find in our product portfolio the solution that suits the best their needs – ranging from national fixed-line telecommunications needs through mobile wholesale services to international capacities. With our reliable technical background, wide network of partners, largest network infrastructure in Hungary, international mobile and fixed networks, interconnections that guarantee high quality we have a service portfolio that meets all needs with which we can serve the most complex and individual requests of our customers. With our dedicated account managers and on-line system interfaces we offer continuous personalized relations to our customers. Our wholesale transit service enables the subscribers of our partners – both in domestic and international fixed and mobile relations – to communication with the subscribers of any telecommunications company without having to establish direct connections with the target networks.
With our innovative developments jointly performed with our customers and partners we make efforts to raise the standard of domestic telecommunications offerings to the cutting edge of the region. With our mother company Deutsche Telekom and our international partners we can offer a wide range of reliable services for satisfaction of telecommunications needs in the Central and Eastern European region.

Partnership – common business

We handle our wholesale customers as business partners. Our common goal is to serve end-users at appropriate standard, to develop the entire domestic telecommunications market. Our partners include all major players of the Hungarian market. Our objective is to find common solutions to create bilateral business relations and build our common business in a single team.
We involve our customers in our business and product development projects to enable them to provide the most suitable services to their end-users. When necessary we use also the services of our partners to achieve this goal because we know that we can ensure sustainable growth on the domestic telecommunications market only in cooperation.