Welcome to the homepage of the wholesale area of Magyar Telekom Plc!

Mihályi Gábor

Our business covers domestic and international mobile and fixed, regulated and commercial „Wholesale” activities; therefore, all partners and future customers can find a solution within our product portfolio, that is best suited to their needs.

We consider our wholesale customers to be our business partners, and constantly try to provide high quality services to cater for their complex needs.

Our goal is to establish bilateral business relations by finding common solutions, and building our business, because this is the only way to ensure sustainable growth on the domestic telecommunications market.

Best Regards,

Gábor Mihályi, Wholesale Director of Magyar Telekom Plc.

Our services


Domestic fixed line solutions

We have the most extended network infrastructure in Hungary, and a reliable technical background.


Mobile wholesale services

Our customers and the customers of our wholesale partners can flawlessly communicate with one-another in domestic and international directions.


International services

Magyar Telekom is the largest wholesale provider of the South-East European region.


Contact information:

Wholesale Directorate

Address: 1097 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán krt. 36.

Mailing address: Magyar Telekom Nyrt. 1519 Budapest, Pf. 434

E-mail: nagyker@telekom.hu