It is our goal to make our customers climate conscious, too, and to be an authentic and responsible corporate partner that helps them in that. One of the main objectives set forth by our Sustainability Strategy 2016-2020 is to decrease the Group’s CO2 emissions to less than 100 000 tons, and to generate revenue on our climate protection activities.

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Magyar Telekom Group was the first major corporation in Hungary and one of the first leading European telcos to become fully carbon-neutral in 2015. We are proud that in 2019 we managed to maintain that in the fifth consecutive year. Beyond its own climate protection measures, Magyar Telekom also aims to sensitive its clients, and thus neutralizes the carbon footprint of all existing Magenta 1 packages in 2018. In 2019, the Company launches a new green service, the ExtraNet Green 1 GB data extension option allows customers to use a data service that runs exclutively on renewable energy. How do we do that? Click here for the details!

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Enviroment protection

Environment protection is especially important for us, and we put extra emphasis on climate protection in the context of our operations. In addition to sustainable and responsible operations, we believe it is our responsibility to make our customers, vendors and partners more climate conscious, too, i.e. providing opportunities to them to make their lives more environment-conscious.

Magyar Telekom is committed to environment protection. We were the first among Hungarian large enterprises and one of the first among international telecoms to become carbon-neutral in 2015. We managed to achieve the same in 2016, partly by means of the following environment protection activities.