Music and telekom

VOLT Fesztivál

VOLT Fesztivál, held in Lővérek, Sopron, is attached to Telekom brand by now. Our company gives the name of the extremely popular event.

Sziget fesztivál

The biggest Hungarian festival is also one of the most popular international events.

Balaton Sound

Balaton Sound is one of the most popular summer festivals. Telekom, as the main sponsor of the event, offers technological background, reliable network, party locations, and programs.

Akvárium Klub

Replacing the original Gödör at Erzsébet square, the new club and cultural meeting point, Akvárium Klub started in 2012. The club offers several services for the visitors: concert halls with special light and sound capacities, a unique restaurant and cultural programs.

Electronic Beats

Electronic Beats is the international music program of Telekom to support the brand by offering unique experience, performances for those who are interested in contemporary music.

BMC Budapest Music Center

The institute, placed in an elegant building,offers mainly chamber and contemporary music, as well as jazz to its visitors. BMC also has a huge musical library of almost 100,000 volumes.