telekom and music

Telekom VOLT Festival

Telekom, VOLT’s main sponsor makes this year’s festival season memorable with exciting events and experience. The VOLT festival is regarded as the most loveable event in the festival season while it is also the most eclectic party as well.

Strand festival

Hungary’s mot recent festival attracts several tens of thousands of festival-goers to lake Balaton where both Hungarian and international stars will go on stage.

Akvárium Club

The Akvárium Club is right in the middle of Budapest and is the city’s most colorful entertainment and catering establishment. Besides pop music programs it also works as a cultural event center - organizing exhibitions, auctions, fashion shows and company events.

Budapest Park

Budapest Park opened its gates in 2012 with the aim to help people break away from everyday life.

Telekom Electronic Beats

Deutsche Telekom launched the event series back in 2000 that now is part of top electronic festivals. Nevertheless, Telekom Electronic Beats is not only about partying. The program also embraces closely connected areas of art, such as design, tech, fashion or other forms of art.