Digitally enabled Sustainability

Being a digital company, we clearly expect our customers to use sustainable digital services. For that, we strive to pursue responsible marketing and enabling, inspiring and sharing-based activities. Our relevant objective is to make the rate of awareness among the public about Magyar Telekom being a sustainable company 50%.

Equal opportunity

Magyar Telekom handles equal opportunity as an important topic not only in its capacity of being an employer, but also wishes to assume a leading role as a service provider in this context. We, as a responsible company, have launched numerous initiatives that support the integration and everyday lives of disadvantaged groups of people. As an employer, Magyar Telekom denounces any form of discrimination, as well as draws up and adheres to operating standards in that spirit.

Company volunteering

It is among the strategic objectives of the new sustainability strategy to perform 50,000 hours of voluntary work by Telekom employees until the end of 2020. In 2016 Telekom employees performed 11,472 hours of voluntary work. Within the frame of the company volunteering initiative Telekom’s employees contributed to improve the overall social well-being through multiple activities.

hello holnap! mobile application

The hello holnap! mobile application allows Telekom customers to make donations.  Users may collect hello holnap! points by taking part in events listed in the application and with various sustainability related activities. Telekom redeems the points collected at the rate of 1 point = 100 HUF that can be donated to 13 organizations, listed in the application.

Data protection

Magyar Telekom devotes particular attention to the protection of its customers’ data. On the following page you may find detailed information on the most important data protection terms and their definition, the basic principles of data protection as well as the control of the personal data in the case of children.

Responsible investors

An investment is deemed responsible if upon making the relevant investment decision not only financial but also environment protection, social responsibility and sometimes ethical considerations are taken into account, too. We are proud that our sustainable activities are appreciated and acknowledged in the form of international responsible investor indices.

hello holnap! products and services

It is Magyar Telekom's long-term objective is to make its customers’ life more sustainable by offering environment conscious and sustainability enhancing products and services.