Being a digital company, we clearly expect our customers to use sustainable digital services. For that, we strive to pursue responsible marketing and enabling, inspiring and sharing-based activities.

In 2030, 100% of our customers throughout the country will be provided with gigabit access and also 6 million people will achieve responsible digital maturity.

Be a Member of Generation NOW!

We believe it's important that members of the older generation are also aware of the digital world and the opportunities technology offers. But we know that they need support and guidance to do so, and it is obvious that they will get this help from those who are most familiar with the world - young people. In our programme, secondary school students show older people that using smart devices, the internet and online solutions is easy to learn and offers unlimited opportunities.

Teachtoday initiative

As a responsible corporate citizen, we have a responsibility to help people use the internet safely. In November 2017, Magyar Telekom, like the rest of the Group, joined Deutsche Telekom's Teachtoday initiative, creating an opportunity for the online and widespread dissemination of educational content

Child protection

On the following pages you may find useful information on child protection and child protection software as well as security tips on conscious using of TV, the internet and mobile phones.

Future Telekom Employees

Magyar Telekom supports the education of the youth not only in classroom settings, but through its Internship Program and Mobile Professors Program, too. It is a key objective of ours to reach out to generations Y and Z, help them find their way in a large enterprise, and gain useful professional experience doing team and project work. 

Equal opportunity

Magyar Telekom handles equal opportunity as an important topic not only in its capacity of being an employer, but also wishes to assume a leading role as a service provider in this context. We, as a responsible company, have launched numerous initiatives that support the integration and everyday lives of disadvantaged groups of people. As an employer, Magyar Telekom denounces any form of discrimination, as well as draws up and adheres to operating standards in that spirit.

Data protection

Magyar Telekom devotes particular attention to the protection of its customers’ data. On the following page you may find detailed information on the most important data protection terms and their definition, the basic principles of data protection as well as the control of the personal data in the case of children.

Responsible investors

An investment is deemed responsible if upon making the relevant investment decision not only financial but also environment protection, social responsibility and sometimes ethical considerations are taken into account, too. We are proud that our sustainable activities are appreciated and acknowledged in the form of international responsible investor indices.