“Tell Me!” Whistleblower portal

Complaints and comments concerning issues and violations of legal obligations or Magyar Telekom rules and regulations can be submitted to Magyar Telekom Group’s  ”Tell Me” whistleblower portal.

Contact information of Magyar Telekom Group’s ”Tell Me!”:

There is also an opportunity to submit complaints to Deutsche Telekom Group’s “Tell Me!”:

Reports are treated in strict confidence and cases are investigated by specially trained staff who are bonded by confidentiality.

Compliance with laws and internal policies and principles of conduct is of major importance to Magyar Telekom because we strongly feel that the key to the company's success is based on integrity, ethics and personal responsibility. We therefore strive to avoid any risk that could compromise our integrity and damage others. If we are to live up to this responsibility, it is of utmost importance that we are made aware of any compliance related misconduct.

Magyar Telekom therefore provides all employees and external parties with the appropriate means to report potential violations of laws and internal regulations through the TellMe whistleblower portal. If requested, your data and information are subject to confidentiality to the extent in line with the relevant legal stipulations. All reports will be assessed thoroughly, cases of suspicion will be investigated, and sanctions consistently applied if applicable.

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