Melinda Szabó

Board member since April 2022

Melinda Szabó

Melinda Szabó (born in 1971) received her first diploma in 1994 at the Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism of the Budapest Business School and then she earned a Marketing Economist degree from the Faculty of International Management and Business of the University in 1997. She also earned an MBA degree from Webster University and Szent István College in 2007.

She has started her career in market research, then she joined Westel900 in 1999 where she filled several key managerial positions in the marketing area.From 2005, she worked as T-Mobile’s Deputy Marketing Director, then from 2008, she also assumed responsibility for T-Home’s Residential Segment. She continued her career at Magyar Telekom as Residential Marketing Director from July 2010. In 2009 she was appointed to the member of the Board of MobiMak at Montenegro and this position held until 2012.

She joined Vodafone Hungary in 2015, where she was in charge of the marketing of the entire B2B segment, then became Head of SMB Sales and Marketing in 2016.

In July 2018, Melinda Szabó was appointed Chief Commercial Officer Residential Services at Magyar Telekom and as of January 1, 2020 she became Chief Commercial Officer of Magyar Telekom.
With effect from 15 September, 2022 she is responsible for Commercial Growth B2C Europe at Deutsche Telekom Group's European Headquarters.

Other principal directorships

  • Member of the Advisory Board: UNICEF
  • Member of the Board of Directors: Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A. (OTE)

Investor relations

Mail address: 1541 Budapest
Tel: (+36) 1 458 0332
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