Statutory Auditor, audit and non-audit fees and services

The following chart presents expenses incurred in relation to the audit of the separate and consolidated financial statements of the Company, as well as other services, by Deloitte Auditing and Consulting Ltd. (Deloitte) in 2022 and 2023 following the Auditor rotation in 2022 and in relation to other non-audit related fees by PricewaterhouseCoopers Auditing Ltd. (PwC) in 2022.

(in HUF millions) For the year ended December 31, 
2022  2023 
Audit of the financial statements 429 470
Other audit related fees 6 13
Other non audit related fees 27* -
Total expenses payable to PwC and Deloitte  462  483 

* Services provided by PwC in 2022 Q1 and their fees

Audit of the financial statements is the aggregate fees of Deloitte in connection with the audit of our annual financial statements and services performed in relation to legal obligations and submissions required by regulatory provisions. Review of the quarterly financial statements is also included, as well as information systems and procedural reviews and testing to understand and place reliance on the systems of internal control.

Other audit related services mainly include other professional auditing services provided by the Auditor beyond the audit of the financial statements, as well as other audit procedure necessary for meeting the reporting requirements arising from the legislation and internal regulations applicable to the Company.

Other non-audit related fees include fees for services such as consultancy and the organisation of conferences and training courses, attended by Magyar Telekom employees.


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