In Hungary, Magyar Telekom targets leadership in customer experience, technology and business productivity, to support the Company’s continued development and growth. The strategy rests on six pillars which underpin the Company’s continued transformation.

First, the Company intends to maintain its position as the country’s number one integrated operator, against competitors that are developing their fixed mobile convergence capabilities.

Second, Magyar Telekom focuses on digitalisation to provide a flawless digital customer experience, available everywhere coupled with an internal IT transformation.

Third, Magyar Telekom aims to build a universal integrated Gigabit-capable fixed network in Hungary, fit for consumers increasing demand for content and speed. Magyar Telekom plans to achieve this through an acceleration of its fiber rollout, the modernisation of its ED3 network, a migration to Gigabit networks and the retirement of its copper networks and the consolidation of its subcontractors.

Fourth, the Company is continuously enhancing its efficiency and customer offering through the simplification of its operation and customer choices.

Fifth, Magyar Telekom endeavour to take timely and decisive action as a swift and agile operator. To achieve this, the Company aim to become faster, stronger, more decisive and results oriented, by initiating a cultural transformation through advocating new ways of working.

Finally, the Company will work to further develop its brand to impart Magyar Telekom’s dynamic and vibrant corporate culture and relentless focus on customer centricity. As the driver of Hungary’s digital upgrade, the Company emphasises its role in transforming customer’s digital experience.

In North Macedonia, the Company look to continue its development targeting specific growth areas and to creating more value from its existing customer base. This includes securing leadership positions in fixed and mobile convergence, broadband and TV and ICT services and IoT solutions.