The telecommunications industry is undergoing a major change globally. Worldwide trends are driving towards an integrated telecommunications, information, media and entertainment market. The increasing need for mobility and interactivity together with local specifics create new set-up in our eco-system both in terms of infrastructure, servicing and new types of business models.

As a result of our focused strategic efforts, Magyar Telekom has maintained leading positions in its Hungarian fixed line, mobile, Internet and ICT businesses. Even under uncertain macroeconomic and market conditions, we successfully improved customer retention and delivered strong volume figures. We have also gradually extended our network and offering capabilities proactively leveraging on various partnering models as well. The evolving external environment continues to drive the need for changes in our approach to our customers and our business.

We continue our transformation towards a diversified service company based on our strategic imperatives to innovate, grow and extend the core business – thus growing revenue whilst becoming a more agile organization. The strategic objective in the mid-term is to become more agile, enhance efficiency, simplify the product and services portfolio and increase process automation. As an integrated provider we continue to deliver a unique customer experience supported by our leading brand and technology.

Whilst anticipating new competencies required by the changing customer behavior, technological advances, and new business models, we aim to exploit our abilities to become a leader in all digital services around the home for both consumers and third parties. Our non-core areas, such as energy, e-health, finance and insurance services, support customer retention and new revenue streams.

Following our strategy enables us to exploit and develop our extended customer base, improve efficiency and capture growth opportunities in an extended market of telecommunications and related industries – that secure stable cash generation in the long run.