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The largest IT outsourcing tender ever to have taken place in Hungary has been completed

Budapest, August 30, 1999

On August 30, 1999 MATÁV announced the results of the international tender through which the company sought an IT service provider for the partial outsourcing of its IT operations. The tender invitation - addressed to global companies - covered internal IT services that do not classify as strategic, and joint entry to the market.

In this major competition that lasted for almost two years, three global companies - Compaq, EDS and IBM - were shortlisted from among the more than ten invited vendors. The tender for the provision of the IT services specified as phase 1 in the tender invitation was won by EDS, so MATÁV is offering EDS a contract proposal. In line with Matáv's efforts to standardize its IT area, Compaq and IBM will be preferred suppliers of the company for hardware and basic programs, in cases where the quality, price and other conditions of the service or equipment offered are identical with those offered by competitors and the given procurement transaction is not covered by the law on public procurements.

MATÁV has not chosen a strategic partner for jointly entering the market. Instead, the company will implement projects necessitating telecommunication and information technology elements alike, with the IT companies that are most suitable for the given projects based on one-off co-operation agreements.

Today's announcement of the results has successfully closed an IT outsourcing tender that has been the largest of its kind in this region to date and will have a significant impact on the domestic IT market.