Press Releases

New MultiCenter education and development centers open in Hungary

Budapest, December 6, 1999

On December 6, 1999 two new MultiCenter education and development centers are opening in Budapest and Eger. Both centers are to be inaugurated simultaneously by Zoltán Pokorni, minister of education, through live video connection.

Sponsored by the Education Ministry and MATÁV, the MultiCenters offer people methods and tools appropriate to their age for mastering any kind of material in an entertaining, almost playful manner. The computerized education and development centers that represent the technology of the 21st century offer special programs for very young children, teenagers and adults alike. The creative education centers blend learning with entertainment in a multimedia environment. The MultiCenters help master any subject in an interactive manner under the guidance of qualified teachers. The Association of Technical and Scientific Societies (MTESZ) has the right to establish MultiCenters in Hungary.

MATÁV has always taken seriously its role of responsible corporate citizen. In 1998, its efforts as sponsor were recognized by the Non-Profit Information and Education Center (NIOK) and the Soros Foundation with the "Corporate Donor of the Year" award.