Press Releases

Matáv's unique network monitoring system completed

Budapest, December 6, 1999

Today, the last unit of the system worth billions of forints, constructed as a joint MATÁV-Compaq project, that performs management of the whole network traffic and the CCS No. 7 signalling system was commissioned in the network management center located at Fehérvári út. With this unit Matáv's new network monitoring system, unique not only in the region, but in the whole world, is now complete. Its special feature is its integrated nature, enabling it to monitor simultaneously the faults of a number of network exchanges.

MATÁV signed an agreement for the construction of the SNOMS (Switched Related Network Operation and Management System) on March 24, 1997. MATÁV launched this investment project to enable it to provide services that are better suited to the market economy requirements of the developing Hungarian and Central and Eastern European region. The major function of the SNOMS system is to operate and control the Matáv network in a centralized way. The SNOMS system will operate in two network management centers, in Budapest and Győr. These centers can take over functions from each other. The two centers will perform three operation functions: alarm monitoring for stored program controlled exchanges, operational since the end of 1998, and management of Matáv's whole telecommunications network traffic and the CCS No. 7 signalling system, that has been operational since December 6. With this solution the TeMIP (Telecommunication Management Information Platform) system supplied by Compaq performs high-standard monitoring and operation of Matáv's entire voice and signalling network. This system meets the international TMN (Telecommunication Management Network) standards, and thus complies with Matáv's network management strategy and enables supporting higher level service, billing and business applications.

With the introduction of the new system MATÁV can reduce its operating costs and make the operation of its network more efficient. The SNOMS system will create a standardized environment for various manufacturers, networks carrying various services and systems using various technologies. As a result of this upgrade the customers will see a widening range of services, improving quality and quick fault repair that they may not even perceive.