Press Releases

Matáv Is Ready For The Date Change

Budapest, December 21, 1999

Since, according to the results of recent tests and suppliers' statements, Matáv's services and its operational, support, and billing systems are properly handling the date change (they comply with the BSI DISC PD2000-1 standard regarding the date change), no disturbances can be expected in the transition period.

However, in order for our services to operate without a hitch, it will also be necessary for the equipment that is used but not owned by the Matáv Group to handle the date change properly.

Within the scope of its preparations, MATÁV has placed great emphasis on being prepared to handle any technical problems that might arise when the year changes. The MATÁV Irányító Központ 2000 control center, which will remain in constant contact with similar centers in Hungary and elsewhere, will oversee the elimination of any such disturbances.