Press Releases

Managing Director Of MatávNET To Be Replaced In April 2000

Budapest, December 23, 1999

Mr. Mátyás Vince's term as managing director of MATÁVnet Kft. will expire on 31 March 2000. The company will be headed by a new managing director from next April. Mr. Vince has been offered another executive position within the Matáv group. Negotiations on this are still in progress.

Origo Kft., legal predecessor of MATÁVnet Kft., a fully owned subsidiary of MATÁV Rt., was established in November 1998. All of the parent company's Internet-related operations were transferred to the company in May 1999 at the same time at which it was renamed MATÁVnet Kft.

The number of MATÁVnet's subscribers is expected to reach 52,000 by the end of the year, which makes it a market leader among Hungarian Internet service providers. MATÁVnet Kft. operates the [origo] Internet portal - which is used by