Press Releases

Frame agreement concluded between Matáv and the Hungarian Cable Communications Alliance (MKSZ)

Budapest, July 7, 1999

A frame agreement regarding the lease of underground cable lines was signed on July 2 between MATÁV and the Hungarian Cable Communications Alliance (MKSZ). The agreement was signed on behalf of MKSZ by company Vice President Gergely Ökrös, and by MATÁV Central Sales Director Béla Fazekas and Key Customers Head of Department Lajos Nagy.

The agreement is an important milestone for MATÁV in the development of the company's contract lease agreements regarding use of its underground cable lines. The Hungarian Cable Communications Alliance has also recommended that its member companies conclude individual development contracts with Matáv's regional organisations. Although the present agreement effects only those cable TV companies that are members of MKSZ, MATÁV has offered similarly beneficial agreements to Hungary's other leading cable TV alliance, the Hungarian Cable Television Alliance.

The significance of this contract is underscored by the fact that the two cable TV alliances represent many hundreds of smaller companies nation-wide, and that Matáv's generous offer of identical terms and conditions to both organisations reinforces the company's commitment to fair play on the Hungarian market.