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Another Matáv discount for Internet users

Budapest, June 6, 1999

From June 1 1999, MATÁV introduced its new discounted package called "Favorite number NET." Essentially, the subscriber can choose one local phone number or a phone number with local charges (starting with 06-40 or 06-51) for which 80 per cent traffic charge discount is given in consideration of a monthly charge.

The new discount is independent of the aim, duration and time of the call (conversation or Internet use) and it pertains only to traffic charges and not to subscription charge and switching charge. The local HUF 150 discount still applies for the phone number indicated from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. next morning on weekdays and from 3 p.m. to 7 a.m. next morning at the weekend. MATÁV's "Favorite number NET" service can be ordered by any private subscriber at a gross HUF 8000 monthly charge.

Similarly to the already popular "Favorite numbers" package, the new package can be ordered on the free customer contact number 1212 and it is available for access within 24 hours. Only one "Favorite numbers" package or one "Favorite number NET" package can be ordered for a line.

With this step, MATÁV intends to offer benefit for all those who use the Internet often and MATÁV will also launch a reduced-price second line campaign for subscribers of "Favorite number NET" from June 15 1999.