Press Releases

Agreement on development of teleworking

Budapest, November 2, 1999

On Monday, Minister for Family Protection and Social Affairs Péter Harrach and Matáv's Chairman-Chief Executive Officer Elek Straub signed an agreement on creating opportunities for teleworking in Hungary. Teleworking can help, among others, disadvantaged and disabled workers and persons with restricted mobility in terms of job creation and job preservation.

According to the agreement the major responsibilities of Távmunka Kht. (a non-profit public company for teleworking), that has recently been transferred to the joint ownership of MATÁV and the Ministry for Family Protection and Social Affairs, are as follows: exploration of telejobs, spreading new working forms in Hungary, job center services, employee lending, organization of telejobs, preparation and implementation of teleworking ventures.

The agreement sets forth that Távmunka Kht.'s experience will be used by the Ministry for legislation on teleworking. MATÁV agrees to involve Távmunka Kht. in tasks related to development, implementation and spreading in Hungary of new forms of content services supported by telecommunications tools. To enable efficient work of Távmunka Kht. MATÁV will make its technical facilities fully accessible and offer discount telecommunications packages (including the necessary computers and software) to employers that wish to use teleworking.